Testimony Tuesday #3 | Steven S.


Rantoul CofC | November 22, 2022



Living in Indonesia as a child and teen-ager in the 1970’s and 80’s, among the only available things to do at home was read. I read the Bible. During the summers when we would come back to the United States for a few weeks to visit family, my cousins, aunts, and uncles patiently taught me more and demonstrated in their lives what I had been reading. It wasn’t until I was 22, though, that one of my cousins with whom I went to college became frustrated with my lack of progress (2 Timothy 3:6-7) and solicited the help of the evangelist where we were worshipping. “You know what you need to do, Steven. What’s holding you back?” Pride was holding me back. I had to physically submit to an unnatural act to seal my covenant with God – a covenant sealed by the blood of Jesus within the metaphoric grave of burial in baptism, coming out of the water resurrected into a new life in the kingdom of Jesus Christ. How grateful I am for the patience of my family in teaching me more accurately the things that I had been reading (Acts 18:24 – 19:5).