Change Shortage


Sean H. | January 2, 2021



The signs are there, or at least they were. Due to the change shortage... Maybe it meant they would only take plastic or maybe they wanted exact change if you were paying cash.  

Like nearly everything (it seems) in the recent past, there was controversy. There were accusations. People had opinions.

There is a change shortage. It is not the result of a pandemic. It is not because of the "curse of 2020". It is not because of ploys of the government. There is a change shortage, or rather a shortage of change.

It is often mentioned that Jesus ate with sinners. True. Jesus was surrounded by sinners. However, He expected change. "Go, and from now on sin no more." John 8:11. The rich young man in Mark 10:17-22 was keeping his record pretty clean and stated he had been doing so for quite awhile, but Jesus still saw an opportunity for change.

The shortage of change comes from our unwillingness to be the person God knows we can be. Most would consider the rich young man to be in a good spot. We might foolishly think of ourselves in the same way. Even though he had great possessions, what he, and we, lack is change.

In Ephesians chapter 4 Paul instructs to put on a new self. That requires change. The fact that he is informing the Ephesians that they needed to do it tells us that there was a shortage of change long before this pandemic. Long before 2020, and under a different government's rule. Although the change shortage of 2020 might not be as prevalent anymore, we will always be dealing with a shortage of change in our lives. Maybe those coins in your hand or in your pocket can be a reminder that there are opportunities to be more than we currently are. Whether you pay with cash or plastic, don't forget your change.