Walking Alone at Eve


M. Mansfield | July 27, 2022



Walking alone at eve…

   (#450 Sacred Selections)

And viewing the skies afar. With some of these hot days we’ve been experiencing have you notice some of the nice cool evenings? Lately it’s been nice to go for a walk, a bike ride or just sit on the deck and feel the cool breeze while looking up at the clear sky. A refreshing way for us, as individuals to remember our God, our Creator.

The reference verse for this song by Will Slater is Psalm 100:4. The Psalmist calls for us to praise God by  shouting joyfully, serving with jubilation and to  come before Him rejoicing. A God worthy of our praise! The Psalmist goes on to tell us the why behind this praise. He is our Creator, forming us out of the dust and breathing life into us. He is our Shepherd, who guides us into all truth, comforts us in our suffering, cares for and loves us through His Son Jesus.

The Psalmist ends by reminding us that God is worthy of our praise and worship. By God’s goodness comes His mercy and Truth (faithfulness) through His Son Jesus.

Closing my eyes at eve and thinking of heaven’s grace,

Longing to see my Lord, yes, meeting Him face to face

Trusting Him as my all wheresoever my footsteps roam,

Pleading with Him to guide me

Onto the spirits home!

Oh, for a home with God, a place in His courts to rest,

Sure in a safe abode with Jesus and the blest,

Rest for a weary should once redeemed by the Saviors love,

Where I’ll be pure and whole and live with my God above.


Are you singing it yet? May God bless each of us in our walk with Him. Whether you are in Kentucky, Montana, Mississippi, Peru or Illinois, take time to pause this week, look up into the starry night, and remember our God above.