An Incomplete Heart


Joel P. | December 12, 2022



A man, while cleaning his attic, discovers a bunch of papers, some of which have sheet music. Excited, he takes the papers to a pianist friend who, also excited, starts playing. A song initially strange to their ears, starts to sound beautiful and touching to their hearts. Suddenly the friend stops playing and says: "the music is incomplete". A mixture of sadness and disappointment takes them over. 


Our life on earth is somewhat similar to this story. We live in a world where the beauty of nature is something that we admire; the beauty in how our complex bodies and minds work is something we cherish. We are awed with the beauties of life, but we feel incomplete. The truth is that the masterpiece is complete in the mind of the one who made it, just as our life is only complete when we deliver it into the hands of the One who created us. There is nothing in this world that can really satisfy our being; and we usually try to fill the void with different things, but every attempt leads us to a song that fades, as it is incomplete.


The beauty of the natural world is, at best, just the echo of a voice, not the voice itself. Christ crucified is the real voice calling. He is the bread of life and the door to the Kingdom of God.  And God is the only One who can complete the work, and “the work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.” (John 6:29).